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Krishinda is an incredibly wise and gifted midwife, doula, healer and all round sage.

She was there for the arrival of both our second and third children, and both were amazing experiences where we felt completely cared for and held by her.

After experiencing Krishinda’s gift with our second birth, we knew we had to have her with us when we found out we were pregnant with our third. So much so that when we told our eldest child about the imminent arrival, the first thing she said, with ecstatic energy, was “Is Krishinda coming?”.

Once Krishinda arrived we began preparing as we had a feeling the baby would come before the estimated date. Little did we know we were set to go until 42 + 3 which meant Krishinda held space and nurtured us for almost 6 weeks. During this time my wife developed a cough and subsequently cracked a rib causing her immense pain, giving another layer of stress to the situation. Krishinda was the most calming and nurturing presence in every way from; feeding us, treating the injury, playing with our children and guiding us through all the lessons we were being taught by this experience with wisdom and grace. We were calm for most of this but without Krishinda we would have struggled to have as much patience. She taught us to trust the process and monitored everything to ensure the baby was healthy and reminding us that the body knows best and the baby would arrive when it was ready.

The birth itself was very quick (43 minutes) but this I believe was down to my wife being incredible and also the amount of work and preparation we all did together in the run up.

Krishinda is a true midwife, a beautiful healer full of wisdom and calm energy. Having her at your birth is welcoming in someone who truly appreciates the beauty and sacred nature of birth and cares deeply about bodily autonomy and the right to empowered birth.”