There needs to be more midwives like Krishinda, not less.

It was not long until I decided Krishinda was going be my Midwife.

I actually chose her before even meeting her in person…

After one call I knew she was the right midwife for me.

She was everthing I was looking for, for my pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I felt totaly respected throughout my care with Krishinda , supported emotionality , physically and spiritually.

Respected for my choices and informed of valuable information. I felt safe and confident to open up to her which I needed so much especially not having family or a mother around

I am so happy with my choice of midwife and had no doubt about Krishinda and her work.

Krishinda also has a great community here that she has also created with other mamas.

I have attended to a couple of her Mama groups and excited to go to more. Makes me feel not so isolated in the city which is definitly needed here.

She always has time and energy for any questions and responds straight away to alot of us when she doesnt even have to.

She has great contacts here and I feel I am in good hands for whatevet I need.

You can tell she is very passionate and caring in what she does. She is very knowledgable, empowering, loving and I am happy she was here to support me and helped me deliver my baby.

I feel she is not just a Midwife but also a friend which is lacking in the system these days. There are not many people these days that listen, empower and respect your choices especially in pregnancy and in birth.

There needs to be more midwifes like Krishinda not less.