Plan de Negocios

Casa Diosas Birth Sanctuary - Un santuario ecológico para el parto natural y la educación sobre el parto

As the sole owner of Casa Diosas Birth Sanctuary I will offer 


Birth bungalows for midwife assisted natural birth

  • Stillbirth support and care
  • Birth education
  • Lactation support
  • Counseling (Birth trauma for mothers and partners,  Parenting trauma and family centered couples counseling, loss of a child)
  • Alternative  and Holistic health practitioners (specialized)
  • Mindfulness, Meditation,Yoga instruction


For families and children:

  • Conscious parenting training
  • Family and Youth counselling
  • Alternative and Holistic health practitioners
  • Weaning and Healthy eating education
  • Mindfulness, Meditation,Yoga instruction and ceremonies (coming of age, spiritual,masculine and feminine)
  • For professionals –
  • Birth keeper training
  • Talks and training sessions by Experts on (Birth, Holistic health, …….)
  • Lactation support of patients/clients
  • Mindfulness, Meditation,Yoga instruction and ceremonies (coming of age, spiritual,masculine and feminine)


Business goal: 

To support the creation of peace through birth and education

Short term (this year – 5years):
  • Start a Gofund me campaign and find investors to raise funds €3500,00.00
  • Engage a Business lawyer, a business manager/ secretary and an Eco building manager, Advertising agent and Education manager(all part time or as needed) 
  • Engage a midwife partner (part time)
  • Register my company in the UK
  • Buy the land on the Costa Brava with legal permission to live on and run this business on that land and begin building the birthing bungalows and education space
  • Buy all supplies needed to begin work (medical)
  • Advertise my service
  • Begin working 
  • Taking 3-6 birthing clients a month
  • Taking up to 4 students for our 6 month residential birthkeeper training course
  • Running Birth preparation every 6 weeks
  • Running Breastfeeding and postnatal support groups and classes
  • Hosting talks, courses and ceremonies
  • Offering Alternative therapies to all clients and members of the community
Mid term (5-10 years):
  • Begin to make at least a 5%- 20% profit in the business
  • Continue with all other above activities
  • Engage a Residential full time midwife partner
  • Be recognised and sought after as a viable and desirable place to have your dream birth experience
  • Recognised and sought after as an example of excellence in Birthkeeper education
  • Successfully running retreats for conscious parents and birth workers
  • Long term (7-  years) –
  • Continuing as above and making a steady profit through maintaining an exemplary bespoke product in birth and birth education. consistently developing a space where women and families feel held, respected and treasured
  • and offering courses and talks based on natural birth, parenting and conscious living. where women and families feel held, respected and treasured. Having created a brand that stands for excellent care and education.


Start Up Money

Money raised in the Gofundme campaign and from large investors €350,000

  • Between €50,000 to €100000 needed to purchase land
(Examples of land to buy in Marseme (searched online for land options for comparison)

98.000, 1000 m2 idealista / 65.000, 1100 m2 idealista /75.000, 856 m2 idealista


  • Between €100000 to €160000 dwellings (wooden cabins) by Eurocasetas or similar
    • my cabin €19,000
    • ivos cabin  €15,500
    • Handy man cabin €15.500
    • students home €15,500- decoration- €1500
    • Birth cabins-  €15,500(€30,000) x 2
    • Second midwives cabin-  €15,500
    • Storage Laundry shed – €3000
    • Equipment €20,00 (solar panels, industrial washing machine and dryer, eco cleaning supplies and, medical equipment and drugs, birth equipment etc, birth balls, pools and accessories,
    • Advertisement €2000 –  €3000
    • Further expenses – More project costing
    • Tubs and decor -,€10,000
    • land scaping €15.000

                  Total €107,000


  • Heating
    • heating- storage heaters -Cecotec emidor térmico bajo between €90-120 each (€1600)
    • x7 wood burners between €300-€400 each (€2100)
    • 6  immersion boilers
    • birth cabins 300,ltr x2 €400 (€800)
    • other cabins 100lte x 5 €120 (€600)


  • Cooling
    • ceiling fans – €70-€200 (€1700)
    • screens for all windows -?

                Total €7.500


  • Yearly saleries
    • mine-  €18.000
    • 2nd midwife-€12.000
    • Handy man-€10.800
    • Ivo-€6000
    • p/t Manager/Secretary – €10.000
    • Mis teachers fund- €8000

                Total -€64.800


  • Equipment  for 1 year 
    • Instruments:
      • Delivery packs €680 / Suture packs €100
      • Sutures-€145
      • Inco pads-€360
      • çCebanin-€168
      • Herbs-€75
      • Medications- Syntometrine-   Ergometrine-    Lidicane- €30
      • Needles and syringes- €7 needles /€50
      • Cord ties- €50
      • Blood group tests-€132
      • Resus bags x5-€75
    • Gloves
      • latex free – €17. (50) / latex €40 (400)
      • Sterile gloves-€150
      • Latex free- €20
      • Swabs-€48

                         Total €1.467 (€300 drugs)


My Education, Skills and Experience


I am have been a fully qualified UK and Spanish midwife providing midwifery services in the private community for over 12 years

I have run my own midwifery company for the past 12 years

I have been teaching midwifery skills for over 11 years

I have a known and respected brand with a loyal following of families who support my work

I am an expert at creating communities for pregnant, postnatal and breastfeeding women and families

I have a natural ability to make my demographic feel safe and held

My Target Customers

Pregnant, birthing postnatal and breastfeeding families

Families with babies and young children

Persons wishing to learn how to support families on their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey

The customer need my service to address

There is at present, a consistently diminishing option for pregnant women and their families to be supported to have confidence in their bodies in pregnancy and birth naturally without intervention and interference. Our present obstetric system views pregnancy and birth as a pathology. This means that core knowledge concerning maternity and breastfeeding as a normal part of life is being lost and many women are looking for support to learn and maintain this knowledge and the ancient wisdoms of our birthing ancestors.

My demographic are the growing number of women and birth care professionals who are seeking and alternative to what is on offer in the current system and to learn how to support those women and families in the wider community who are searching for ways to offer care underpinned by evidence, compassion and dignity in a setting that brings us all back to our most natural selves.


My approach and pricing


My approach is based in education to empower women and families in their birth choices while offering a safe (sanctuary) space for them to learn and birth

With regard to my students, my approach is based on the normal physiology of birth and underpin this knowledge with a deep understanding of the emotional, and spiritual aspects that affect pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period and beyond into conscious parenting.


My pricing


Birth package 1- €3000

  • Six week birth preparation course (onsite)
  • Antenatal care from engagement of our services
  • Birth (onsite)
  • Three to five days postnatal care including breastfeeding support (onsite)
  • First Paediatric review of baby
  • Postnatal visits three weeks postnatal visits (onsite)


Birth package 2- €5000

  • Residential stay from 37 weeks until birth
  • Six week birth preparation course (online or onsite)
  • Antenatal care from point of arrival to the sanctuary
  • Birth (onsite)
  • First Paediatric review of baby
  • Two weeks residential postnatal care including breastfeeding support
  • Two weeks postnatal visits (online or onsite)


Training – €5000

  • Residential six month birth keeping course open to midwives, midwifery students, and doulas. This course will teach –
  • Physiology of normal pregnancy,birth and the postnatal body
  • Physiology of breastfeeding
  • How to support and educate women in normality
  • Sprituañity of pregnancy,birth,the postnatal period and breastfeeding
  • Nutrition for pregnancy and beyond
  • Alternative therapies and wise woman wisdoms
  • Opportunity to support pregnant, birthing, postnatal and breastfeeding women and families
  • The art of holding space
  • How to read and disseminate evidence
  • Conflict resolution


Retreats and ceremonies-  prices will vary depending on length of time and participants


My Market competition 


There is not currently anyone offering this particular service in Europe or the UK, neither for birth or birthkeeper training.

How do I plan to promote my business 

  • Website (information only)
  • Advertising (online)
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media
  • Referrals
  • Events and exhibitions


How my business will be run 

Things to consider may include but not limited to:

  • The business will be run by myself but I will collaborate with professionals that I already work with to provide the care and education that I already provide but on a much larger scale.
  • Fellow independent midwives
  • Paediatrician
  • Obstetrician
  • General doctor
  • Holistic therapists, Cranio osteopaths, Chiropractors, Homoeopaths, Physiotherapists, Conscious parenting trainers, Yoga teachers, Massage therapists, Doulas, Teachers and professional trainers.
I will live on the premises to ensure 24 hour care and support is available to my clients and I will employ staff to assist me with the day to day running of the project. Some of the staff will also live on sight.

This will include

  • A on site midwife
  • Site manager
  • Business secretary- to handle event scheduling and finances
  • Business manager and accountant- to handle a tax and licensing issues
  • On site maintenance person – to insure the space is kept in good running order


I also hope to collaborate with the local government to offer courses and classes to the neighbouring interested public.